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2013 so far…

25 Mar snow

This year has not got off well due to the weather. The last two weeks have been terrible with high winds and drifting snow. So far I have amassed a tiny 39 hours flying compared with 93 this time last year. Hoping for better weather soon as Go Fly Oxford will be opening soon.

Few photos for you:


This was taken last week, not going anywhere!


The photo above was taken about two weeks ago before the bad weather started rolling in. This is what is should look like nearly every day at this time of year!


Overhead Northamptonshire at around 4000ft while dodging some rather large CB’s (Thunderstorm clouds).


Wings for Warriors

8 Mar

Thought this is worth a mention:

‘Wings for Warriors’ is a UK registered charity, which aims to re-train injured service personnel as commercial pilots

For many soldiers, life outside of the forces can appear scary and uncertain at the best of times. Add a life changing injury to the equation and the future can quickly become a depressing place to be.

We provide our students with the skills to achieve an exciting and challenging future outside of the confines of military life. 

We believe that exceptional people deserve exceptional opportunities and that we can deliver on this policy.

Go Fly Oxford Flying School


Antonov An-2 starting up at Hinton

5 Mar

Hungarian registered An-2 starting up at Hinton for the first time in nearly 2 years. Shame my phone ran out of battery or would of filmed it doing some high speed taxiing.

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