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Hoping we don’t get as much as last year!

17 Dec

Hoping Go Fly Oxford flying lessons don’t get grounded by the snow this winter. Photo taken at Hinton Airfield last January.



2013 so far…

25 Mar snow

This year has not got off well due to the weather. The last two weeks have been terrible with high winds and drifting snow. So far I have amassed a tiny 39 hours flying compared with 93 this time last year. Hoping for better weather soon as Go Fly Oxford will be opening soon.

Few photos for you:


This was taken last week, not going anywhere!


The photo above was taken about two weeks ago before the bad weather started rolling in. This is what is should look like nearly every day at this time of year!


Overhead Northamptonshire at around 4000ft while dodging some rather large CB’s (Thunderstorm clouds).

Flying in the USA

18 Feb

Two years ago I went over the Arizona, USA to do some flying as it was $82 an hour wet and no landing fees. I thought I would share some photos from my amazing time over there. All flying was done in several different Piper PA28-160’s that I rented from Chandler Air Service who are located in Chandler Airport (KCHD), just outside of Phoenix.

I already had a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) at the time so to be able to fly in the USA I had to get a FAA license that was a piggyback off my then JAR PPL. To get this you need to do a small written paper and have a check flight by a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Instructor. You then pop down to the local Flight Standards Districts Office (FSDO) which for me was in Scottsdale just 30 min drive away. Here you fill out a few forms and they issue you with a temporary FAA ticket which you can fly on and your credit card sized license is posted to your home. Before you go over to the USA you must contact the FAA and the CAA (after paying a small sum!) to allow the paperwork to start.

If you would like any more information on the process the please add a comment below and I will be in touch to help.

Now to the photos, its like nothing you will see in the UK:

ImageA big lake to the North West of Phoenix.

ImageHeading to Sedona Airport (KSEZ), you can just make it out to the left of the photo.

ImageDuring the trip I was flying single engine piston (SEP) and this was one of the many moments that I prayed that the prop kept on spinning!

ImageNo photoshop or editing, just beautiful.


Overhead Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport (KPHX) heading North.


Meteor creator at the far North of Arizona, to give an idea of scale, on the left rim of the creator is a restaurant.

ImageCheeky weekend in Vegas, landed at North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT).

I have lots more photos if anyone would like to view some more, please comment.

Go Fly Oxford Flying School

Day out in a Piper Cub!

17 Feb

Had a fantastic Sunday, Damien who owns a share in a lovely Piper Cub dropped me a text about going flying from Hinton Airfield where Go Fly Oxford – the north London flying school is based, this was the second time he had offered and couldnt say no at all!

We left Hinton at around 1pm and headed East to Cranfield (EGTC), not been a passenger in a light aircraft in quite some time so it was nice to take in the scenery and be in a real plane with a basic instrument fit. Cranfield is home to three flying schools; Cranfield Flying SchoolBillins Air Services & Pilot Flight Training Cranfield. I did my Commercial Pilots License (CPL) at Bonus Aviation (based at Cranfield) which sadly went bust last year.

The Cub wont win any prizes for speed but its short field performance is remarkable and so are the running costs. The engine is only 85 hp but with us two and nearly full fuel it still climbed well and cruised around 85 mph. I think I might soon be off to Clacton Aero Club to do my tailwheel conversion as I don’t think I have had such a nice flight in a long while.

ImageAfter landing at Cranfield before popping to the Cafe for lunch with one of Damien’s friends who works in ATC at Cranfield.

ImageHeading West back to Hinton Airfield.

ImageBelieve it or not, the metal rod sticking up is the fuel gauge, as the fuel drains the rod goes down, simples…


All smiles in the front! In the Super Cub, P1 sits upfront but in the Cub P1 is at the rear for weight and balance. The fuel tank in the Cub is just behind the engine while in the Supers its in the wing area.

ImageComing back into land at Hinton on runway 15.

ImageFuelling up at the end of the day. All taken with my iPhone.

Atmospheric Research Visit

14 Feb

Was given the opportunity by a friend to have a wander around a highly modified BAe 146-301 Atmospheric Research Aircraft at Cranfield Airport today. As you can see from the photos it boggled my mind on how much kit etc is onboard!





Many thanks Guy!

Lovely on top

12 Feb


Taken at around 5000ft in a PA38 just south of Banbury using iPhone.

Views like this can be had when completing your Private Pilots License with Go Fly Oxford Oxfordshire.

Looking forward to the Summer…

12 Feb


Taken by Go Fly Oxford July 2012 at Hinton Airfield, Northamptonshire

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